Ace Tutorials

Rules and Regulation for the Students:
  1. The students will keep their cell phones switched off during the lectures. If any cell phone causes disturbance in the class, the phone will be confiscated by the classes for 7 days.
  2. If any student misbehaves in the class, the classes / faculty has every right to suspend or remove the student temporarily / permanently without any refund.
  3. If a student damages any class property, he / she will be liable to compensate for the said property.  Writing on Benches or Walls is strictly prohibited. Any student found doing so will be either strictly punished or will be expelled from the classes without any refund.
  4. If the fees / installment is not paid on time the student has to pay the penalty prescribed by the class & if it is being unnecessarily delayed, student will not be allowed to continue the lectures further.
  5. Subjects once taken cannot be changed or cancelled. Fees received will not be refunded back or adjusted against other subjects.
  6. Extra lectures may be held on Sunday & Public Holidays at timings other than that of the Regular batch timings.
  7. There should not be any crowding before any classroom and students should not disturb the other occupants.  
  8. Admission fees, Deposit & Half the tuition fees have to be paid at the time of Admission. Balance tuition fees have to be paid at the time of admission in the form of post dated cheque dating within two months from date of admission.
  9. Taxes & Admission fees will NOT be refunded in any case.
  10.  Students shall be regular & punctual in their attendance.
  11.  Students will not be allowed to attend the class without Identity Card & Tutorial sheets.
  12.  In case a student loses ID card, duplicate Identity Card will be issued on payment of Rs. 150/-.
  13.  No student will be allowed to change the batch without the prior permission from the office and on payment of administrative charges of Rs. 200/· (This is subject to availability of seats)
  14. The classes reserves the right of admission to any student and to make change in any rules and regulations including changes in Batch Timings, Faculty, Subdivision & Consolidation of Batches etc. without any prior intimation.


    • Fees once paid will not be refunded in whatsoever circumstances.
    • Excuses like residence changed, studies left, line changed, parents services transferred, subject changed, subject not allowed in college, timings inconvenient or any other reasons will not be accepted.
    • A student who has secured advance/regular Admission & whose result comes unfavorable will be given 50% Refund of Fees after deducting Rs. 200as Administrative Charges. Neither the parents nor students should approach the Principal for any special consideration in this regard.
    • Fees will not be allowed to be transferred for any other subject or to any other student.
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